Nokia Lumia 900 is the Top Rated Phone on Amazon

Tech reviewers can say what they want, but one thing is clear: real people enjoy their Windows Phones. We see this time and time again when we look at ratings on carrier websites and retail sites like Amazon. The Nokia Lumia 900 (Black) is in first place right now in Amazon’s “Top Rated Cell Phones With Service Plans” list, and it’s not for lack of customer reviews. The Lumia 900 has more¬†reviews¬†(127) than popular Android devices like the Galaxy Note (29), DROID RAZR MAXX (56), and HTC Rezound (89). Second place on the list is the Lumia 900 again, but this time in Cyan. The HTC Titan and Samsung Focus S give Windows Phone the top 4 spots in the list.

This is another reason why you really need to try Windows Phone for yourself. Even though the “professionals” didn’t give the Lumia 900 the best scores it’s obvious that customers love the device. Check out the list below, and maybe buy a phone while you’re there.

[via Amazon]

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