Twitter Changes OAuth & Breaks New Account Authentication for Twitter Apps

In another long list of things that can go wrong, last night Twitter changed their OAuth decompression method, affecting how 3rd party Twitter clients interface with the site. As reported by WPCentral, Scott Peterson, the developer of the Twitter app glƏƏk! has said:

 “…any Silverlight Mobile Windows Phone client that uses the non-PIN authentication, and doesn’t not expect a GZip response.”

All Twitter apps will need to make slight changes and then re-submit, which could take anywhere between 3 to 5 days for the fixes to appear in the marketplace. Of course, the problem is only with creating initial accounts from the phone. Using these clients shouldn’t be affected, so you could always use the site to create your account and then enjoy Twitter on your phone.


  • Codesmith

    To clarify the post above, it’s not the “creation” of Twitter account that is affected, but “authenticating” existing accounts when a user adds an account to an app. This is commonly seen as a “web page” dialog that asks you to enter your Twitter credentials, and allows you to tap “Allow/Deny”. The information that comes back from Twitter at that point is now in a “GZip” compressed format (which is good) but will not be able to be “understood” by apps that don’t expect a GZip compressed response.

  • You’re awesome. :)

  • It seems like twitter likes making life hard for third-party apps every other month.