ChevronWP7 Labs Shuts Down For Good

ChevronWP7 Labs, the people that created an easy unlock solution for Windows Phone users is closing up shop for good. The goal of Chevron Labs was to make it easier for people to develop for Windows Phone by removing the cost barrier of App Hub membership. It costs a whopping $100 a year for an App Hub membership, but with Chevron Labs it only cost $10. They succeeded at this goal by selling over 10,000 unlock tokens in 2 months.

Their second goal was to convert potential developers to published Windows Phone developers. The problem is that many people (myself included) just used the service to be able to sideload apps. Many people thought Chevron Labs was a “jailbreak” tool, but that’s not what they intended it to be used for.

But all is not lost. For those that did purchase an unlock token from Chevron Labs Microsoft is offering a free year of App Hub membership. If you are interested just sign up for an account here with the same Live ID you used with Chevron. Your refund will appear shortly after.

The bad news is that unlocks issued through the Chevron Labs will expire 120 days after today. So if you want to keep your device unlocked you’re going to need to take advantage of the free year of App Hub membership.

So long Chevron Labs. We hardly knew ye.

via ChevronWP7 Labs

  • Wouldn’t it have been easier to issue prepaid codes to all the chevronwp7 token buyers instead of the pay-then-refund method?