[Deal] Snag A “TechSkin” Screen Cover for Your Lumia 900 for $.99 + Shipping

If you’re looking for accessories for your new Lumia 900, aside from the gel skins that AT&T is peddling for $20, things are a bit on the bare side for now. However, an Amazon Marketplace seller has Skinomi TechSkin screen covers available for the Lumia 900 for only 99 cents, plus shipping which brings the total cost to around $4 for a product that usually retails around $12 before shipping.

The screen covers have three reviews right now which are all five star reviews, so it seems like these are a pretty great product. To quote one of the reviewers:

I put the phone in the same pocket as my keys, slid it screen side down across a table, even did a bit of juggling. The screen was perfect. After a few days, the vice president told me he had to remind himself there was a screen protector on there because it melded so perfectly to the phone.

It’s phenomenal, fantastic, and amazing all rolled up into one unique package. This is hands down the best screen protector I have ever used.

Sounds like a pretty great screen cover, if you ask me. If you want to pull the trigger on this deal, you can find the covers on sale here.

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