HTC Trophy Update Available Now

There’s not much news around these parts for Verizon customers, so we’re excited when something happens for Big Red. HTC Trophy owners will be very excited to hear that the 8107 update is finally available to download. We plugged our Trophy in to Zune this morning and were greeted with the screen you see above. The 8107 update fixes a lot of things, most notably is the disappearing keyboard (which we can confirm to be very annoying).

Other fixes improve better Gmail syncing, some location access issues, fixes email threads in Exchange 2003, and a voicemail notification bug. You can check out what’s new here on Microsoft’s site. It’s always good to see Verizon take their eyes away from Android long enough to update their lone Windows Phone. Hopefully more devices are on the horizon.

If you get the update let us know in the forums!

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