Magenta Lumia 900 Coming to AT&T?

Nokia loves colors. The Lumia 800, 710, 610, and 900 are allĀ availableĀ in more than one color. They like to stick to their bread and butter colors, black and cyan, but occasionally they stray into some more wild colors.

The Lumia 800 comes in magenta, and it appears the 900 may be joining the pink party too. A reader at WPCentral snapped the picture of the magenta Lumia you see above.The photo is from a advertising display in a Microsoft Store.

Is magenta your color? If this phone comes out there will be four color choices for the Lumia 900. What’s yours?

  • If I were phone shopping while drinking, I admit that I could probably wake up with a magenta phone on the nightstand.