Rumor: Microsoft Could Sell Bing to Facebook

A new ┬árumor is flying around the Internet this morning claiming that Microsoft is seeking to sell off its “decision” engine Bing to Facebook, which has for some time tried to incorporate better search features for users.

According to Neowin, an editor for the cable TV channel CNBC said Thursday that Microsoft was considering the sale in exchange for more of Facebook’s stock. The editor claims such a deal would happen after Facebook launches its IPO, which is scheduled to happen sometime in May.

Of course, neither Facebook or Microsoft have offered to comment on the rumor, but analysts think it could be a good move for Microsoft. Rick Sherlund with Nomura Equity Research says that if such a deal were made, Microsoft would benefit in the long run as investors haven’t seen the sort of returns from Bing that they would like to see when compared directly to Google’s smashing success.

Currently Bing holds about 30% marketshare in the US, having just surpassed Yahoo only a few months ago.

  • That would definitely make Facebook even more of a threat to Google. Wonder how they would leverage it if this happens.