Tips & Tricks for New Windows Phone Users

With two new high profile handsets released in the past week, we’re sure to see many people trying out Windows Phone. As with any new ecosystem, there are lots of little nuances that can make your experience better, but that you may not know immediately. Check out these tips and tricks for your Windows Phone and if you know one we haven’t covered, let us know in the comments.

Music & Volume

  • While listening to any kind of music, changing the volume brings up the expanded volume bar with the currently playing audio. Tap the title and it will take you into whatever app is playing the music.
  • Pressing the back button gets rid of the volume bar quickly.
  • There is an app called Stop The Music! That will remove any music that may be listed on he volume bar so that it goes back to its small size.


  • You can close toast notifications by sliding them to the right.
  • Highlighting text in Internet Explorer and hitting the search button will search Bing with your highlighted text.
  • When typing, double tapping space bar adds a period, space, and capitalizes the next letter.
  • Hold the search key while on the lock screen to jump straight to Bing search without having to unlock.
  • If you click the search button then hit the “Eyeball” icon you can take a picture of printed text and either copy it to your clipboard, or translate it into another language.
  • Double tap back in multi-tasking view to delete that app from multi-tasking.
  • Bing Vision will translate text viewed through your camera. Useful for traveling!

Have a question about how to perform a task on your phone? Why not check out the WinSource forums? Thanks to the fine people of /r/windowsphone for these great tips!

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