7 Xbox Live Games Recieve Permanent $.99 Price Drop

Last week Microsoft put 7 Xbox Live games on sale for $.99 each. Many of you probably already took advantage of this deal, but if not you’re still in luck. The 7 games will remain at $.99 permanently. These are classic games that have been available for a while, but the sale gives them new life.

The games on sale are Angry Birds, Burn the Rope, de Blob, Doodle God, IonBallEX, Max and the Magic Marker, and Toy Soldiers. These are some of the best games in the Marketplace, and now you have no excuse not to give them a try.

[Mobility Digest via WinSource Forums]

  • If they really wanted to push WP7 hard, they need to make it so you don’t buy the games on your phone and the 360. That’s the same reason why no one wanted the Playstation Certified phone: don’t make customers buy games/apps twice.