BoxFiles Allows Automatic Uploading of Pictures Straight to Dropbox

While Dropbox has no official app for Windows Phone yet, several app developers have stepped in to fill the gap. BoxFiles is probably the best of the bunch and today it received an update bringing a new feature: uploading camera shots straight to Dropbox. While the process isn’t as streamlined as Google’s InstantUpload for Picasa, all you need to do is open DropFiles after you’ve taken pictures and it will scan your camera directory and then upload the new photos straight to your Dropbox account.

You can choose specific directories or choose to only upload on WiFi or both WiFi and cellular, so there’s plenty of options here for those who might be picky about what gets uploaded into their account and when. BoxFiles also integrates with SkyDrive, meaning you can manage those files straight from BoxFiles as well. Currently, only the paid version sports this new update.

If you’re interested in trying BoxFiles, you can get it in the Marketplace for $1.29 with a free trial available by clicking the link below.

  • Very cool. I couldn’t live without my dropbox sync, so that would be a must for me.