Contest Winners: Lumia 900 Week 2 Announcement!

Despite having a whopping 700+ posts forum star TechBlitz was not our Week 2 winner in our 4 Week Lumia 900 Contest either! The good news? For everyone who didn’t win, including Techblitz, your entries carry over from week to week, so you’ve already got a chance to win our next contest a week from today.

So who did win? mehtavarun96 who accumulated 20+ posts over the past weeks! Congratulations! He’ll be getting the Lumia 900 as the second winner of our first ever contest on WinSource.

How well was our contest received? After less than two weeks the forum now holds 273 threads. These threads are home to over 2,600 posts. Those posts have been created by over 2,600 members. Nice job, WinSourcers! We can’t wait to see what the numbers look like after the contest! We especially love the great conversations happening in the forums. Threads like Phones vs Tablets vs Laptops vs Desktops? and What specs would make the LumiaTab a “must have” device? are creating great discussions. If you haven’t already joined, what are you waiting for? It’s free and you might win a new phone!

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  • I don’t want to sound whiny, but some of mehtavarun96’s posts were copy and pasted from other forum users, including myself. He called me “sucker” on more than one occasion as well…
    Oh well, maybe next week?

  • John Barden

    I can vouch for that. This thread is literally a copy paste of Techblitz’s from just a couple hours before:

    No matter the winner, I believe they should be a contributing member of the forums, rater than a person who doesn’t provide much sustenance…

  • Thanks, I just want others to have fair shot. Especially slack (he’s been really helpful!)