Lumia 900 Still on Top at Amazon, Cyan Version Sold Out

The Lumia 900 seems to be a great success for both Nokia and Microsoft, despite no official sales numbers being released yet. Many AT&T stores are reporting being out of stock of the devices, while both the black and cyan versions have crowned the top of the Amazon Best Sellers list for the entire week since release.

The black Lumia 900 is still king at number one, but for those of you looking to get a cyan Lumia 900, you’ll have to try your local AT&T stores. Amazon is reporting the cyan version as out of stock, which has dropped the product to the 6th spot on the best seller list. AT&T’s online store is out of them as well, so apparently cyan is a much more popular color than I would have though.

[via WMPU]

  • 15 days till we see Aprils market share numbers, waiting patiently :)

  • I wouldn’t have guessed that Cyan would sell out before the black… that’s cool. I can’t wait to see people with awesome blue phones around here!

  • ricky

    nokia is coming back