Read your social networks in space with Kinect Star Wars for Windows Phone

Kinect Star Wars is a new game for the Xbox that brings the motion control from Kinect to the Star Wars universe. It’s a fun game with lots of action and all the characters we love. Kinect Star Wars is now available for Windows Phone…and it’s nothing like the game.

Kinect Star Wars for Windows Phone is not a game, it’s actually a social network reader. You can sign in with Facebook or Twitter and the app will display the updates from your friends in the classic Star Wars crawl that you see in the opening of¬†every¬†movie. Corny? Yes. Gimmicky? Yes. Awesome? YES! If you love Star Wars this is something you can show off to your friends. Kinect Star Wars is free from the Marketplace.


  • That’s kinda epic… But I am a huge star wars nerd.