Viber Coming to Windows Phone Soon

If you’re coming from Android or iPhone and you’re looking for VoIP options on Windows Phone, you’re pretty much limited to the Skype beta, for now. Fortunately, Viber is a popular cross platform VoIP app available for both Android and iPhone that will be making its way to Windows Phone as soon as development for their BlackBerry app is finished.

I’m not sure if that’s good news or bad news, considering BlackBerry is little more than dead in the water, yet the company still seems adamant on finishing its app before even beginning working on a Windows Phone app. Perhaps Viber invested too much time and money in the BlackBerry app to call it quits now. However, an email forwarded to WMPU from a tipster has suggested that the Windows Phone app will be available sooner rather than later.

Thank you for contacting us.
You will be pleased to know that Viber for WP7 is coming very soon. Please stay tuned within the following week.
We will be announcing its publication, system req. and more, at that time.
Stay tuned for release updates, visit us on Facebook and Twitter:

Did you use Viber on Android/iOS? If so, will you continue to use it on Windows Phone? I enjoyed the experience I had with the app, since it integrated completely with my phone number and several of my friends were using it as well.

  • I have not checked it out before, but I will now.

    And yeah… focusing on a BB app seems like a waste these days.