Watch this new Lumia 900 owner beat the crap out of his iPhone [Video]

We love it when people switch to Windows Phone, but what you do with your old phone is up to you. YouTube user  is the proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 900, and he decided that his old iPhone had lived long enough. Instead of selling it to someone else for a little cash he decided to end its life with a hammer. Violently. We have to admit it’s a little hard to watch a piece of technology get destroyed when someone else could use it, but in this case we understand.

What do you do with your old phones?

[via WMPU]

  • VersedNJ

    Idiot. Dude could have got it unlocked and sold it. Don’t know about you, a few hundred bucks (euro’s etc.) in my pocket is nothing to sneeze about.

  • WinSource

    I’m with you! It’s fun to destroy stuff, but I always sell my old gadgets.

  • nje

    Completely agree, total waste of a phone, could have been a back-up, sold, even recycled.
    Promoting the flaship is one thing, but you overdid it.

  • That just seems completely wasteful. Donate it, sell it, unlock it so you can still use exclusive iOS stuff, recycle it… but this was just stupid. People like this are why the world is more and more jacked up.