Microsoft Announces New Sky Drive Features, Likely to Compete with Google Drive

The Internet is a buzz with what Google plans to do with Google Drive, a cloud storage solution similar to Dropbox and Microsoft’s own SkyDrive. Microsoft announced new features for the service today, likely in an attempt to keep any users from jumping ship to Google’s offering once it’s available. The most significant of the announcements was that SkyDrive now supports Open Document Format, making those documents you create in OpenOffice compatible with SkyDrive.

Users may ┬ánow share files to Twitter via an updated SkyDrive web interface and files up to 300MB can now be uploaded through the browser. Images shared on Twitter on Windows Phones will now use the URL shortner, rather than the huge link that they used previously. We’ll likely see more features added in the future according to what Google Drive entails, but this is good news all around for SkyDrive users.

[via The Verge]

  • they should implement auto sync feature like Dropbox