Taptitude Success: 1 Million Ad Impressions Per Day, Generates $100,000 in Revenue

Despite what many reviewers would have you believe about the Windows Phone ecosystem, it’s not a dreary wasteland of barren apps incapable of making money for their developers. Taptitude developers 4Bros Studios recently posted sales data for their app that shows decent profits for the team since launch. Of course, the huge influx there in the graph above is due to the Nokia Lumia 900 launch in the United States.

4Bros Studios recently crossed the $100,000 threshold for their app, which is a collection of small games the developers regularly update to keep everyone interested in the apps. With nearly 1 million ad impressions per day, the team earns around $1,400 per day. The team is pleased by their performance on the Windows Phone Marketplace, noting on their website:

Windows Phone is a rapidly growing market where indie developers can be successful.  We are looking forward to an even better second year as indie game developers, and can’t wait for Windows 8!

If you’re interested in checking out Taptitude, you can download it from the Marketplace by clicking the button below.

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