Windows Phone 8 will integrate carrier operated communication services in the People Hub

As we get closer to fall we’re hearing more and more about the next version of Windows Phone, codenamed Apollo. It was broke today that Microsoft will be holding an invite-only event in the UK to discuss Apollo schedules, development, and more.  One feature of particular interest is integration with the People Hub.

Sources at The Verge claim that Microsoft plans to allow carriers to integrate their own, or 3rd party, communication services into the People Hub. This includes voice and messaging services, and will allow carrier voice over IP to appear as a normal voice call. This opens up the doors for carriers to integrate things like GChat, AIM, etc into the People Hub if they so desire. We’d definitely love to see this happen.

  • It’s not TV source, it’s Netbooknews

  • I’d like it even more if MS announced that they would be pushing updates and not carriers. Fellow AT&T users will know what I am talking about.