AboutOne coming exclusively to Windows Phone, wants to organize your memories

Speaking of exclusive apps, Windows Phone is about to get one more to add to the list. AboutOne, the Philly based family¬†organizer, is coming to Windows Phone. They’re starting with a beta version, but it incorporates over a years worth of research. You’re probably wondering what exactly AboutOne does, I’ll let CEO Joanne Lang explain:

“AboutOne turns Windows Phone into a remote control for everyday tasks by adding online filing and reporting to customers’ existing calendar and contact tools to provide fast, easy access to family memories and household paperwork. AboutOne automatically combines and formats this information so it’s instantly useful – anytime, anywhere.”

Sounds like the remote from the movie Click, but it’s actually simpler than that. Basically it allows you to organize memories, keep track of todo lists, and file household papers. If you can’t tell by how hard it is to describe, this is a very powerful and unique application. We will make sure to give this one the full hands-on treatment when it arrives.

[via WPCentral]


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