How To: Recycle or Sell Your Old Phone [Earth Day]

This Sunday is Earth Day, a day set aside to increase awareness about taking care of this planet we call home. As technology lovers we can sometimes be the worst offenders when it comes to taking care of the planet. We buy gadgets in bucket loads, and then we almost immediately want something newer. It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that most of the components in the gadgets you use are not biodegradable. This means if you just discard them they will basically take up space for eternity.

There are a couple solutions to this problem. You can just never throw your old gadgets away. This way they never have to take up space in a landfill, they take up space in your home and collect dust instead. That’s all fine and good until a news crew shows up and wants to film a segment about your technology museum. The solution we recommend is recycling those old gadgets, and maybe making a little money in the process.


Here is a list of places that will recycle your old phone. If you’re device doesn’t work anymore, or you just want it off your hands this is the list for you.


If your phone is still in good working condition you should consider selling it. Your old phone can be another persons new phone. Check out these places to get some cash out of that old device.

As you can see there are plenty of places to gt rid of that old phone without harming the Earth. There really is no excuse for letting old gadgets lay around and collect dust or sit in a landfill. If you take good care of your device, who knows, you might even get a little of that cash you paid for it back. By our powers combined! Go forth Planeteers!


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