Google has no plans to bring Google Voice to Windows Phone

If you use Google Voice like me you’re likely a little dissapointed by the Windows Phone support. There are a few decent 3rd party apps that get the job done, but an official app is notably absent. Unfortuneately it looks like that’s the way it will stay for the time being.

Google has released a statement that addresses why they are staying away from Windows Phone.

We’re focusing our Google Voice efforts on Android & iOS and don’t have a plan to extend this to the Windows Phone. This may change if we start to see greater demand from Windows Phone users for Google Voice.

Until the day comes that there is demand I recommend GoVoice. it’s free and does almost as good as the official Android app.

[via Neowin]

  • That’s pretty expected. Apple is a client and Android is their own. Why work on a third device when the demand isn’t there for it.

  • richandwhite

    Overall, Google refuses to play nice with Windows Phone. This is no different then when they refused to release the YouTube API for WP7, resulting in an official YouTube app that simply routes you to

    MS keeps pushing Office and SkyDrive apps to android, but Google just refuses to return the favor.

  • It’s not an issue of playing nice or returning favors. Google doesn’t need anything from Microsoft. And they definitely don’t need a third viable OS competing for marketshare. But Microsoft needs android users to keep using their stuff… otherwise they don’t need it on their PC either.

    You can just use Google Drive and cut out Office and SkyDrive altogether. And if you take that a step further, why buy Windows if you already use Google everything else? Just get a tablet and/or chromebook; you save a ton of money and stay in the same ecosystem at all times.