Paul Thurrott definitively shuts down Windows Phone 8 upgrade rumors

If you follow Microsoft news you’ve probably come across the name Paul Thurrott a few times. He is a prolific rumor spreader that has a pretty good track record. Most of the time he is spot on with his rumors, so when he says something we listen. His latest topic is the hotly debated Windows Phone 8 upgrades.

Thurrott has some strong statements on the topic. He says that current devices, including the Lumia 900, will not get Windows Phone 8. Even though we hope it’s not true we have to admit he makes a lot of sense.

Allow me to set the record straight. No. It won’t happen. Not for the Lumia 900, and not for any other existing phone. It won’t happen partially, through an update that will deliver just some features, and it won’t happen for those who wish to pay for such an update. It simply isn’t happening. Sorry. But please don’t email me about this; I’m just the messenger.

To back up his claim he lists several reasons. They make even more sense.

First, there’s no economic imperative; Microsoft’s partners have sold very few Windows Phones, and supporting a new platform on legacy hardware would be expensive. Second, the experience would be terrible; Windows Phone 8 is based on Windows 8, not Windows Phone 7.x, and requires headier, higher-end hardware with two or more core processors. Third, handset makers and wireless carriers would never support this upgrade; they want to sell new phones. And finally, wireless carriers would never, ever, ever, ever deliver this update to users. There is just no way this will ever happen. And that’s true even when you factor out that I know for a fact that this isn’t happening. Again. Sorry.

Pauls reasons make a lot of sense, but he’s been wrong before. We’re very curious to hear something about Microsoft about this.

[via WMPU]

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