SkyDrive for Windows Desktop Launching Soon with Paid Upgrades Available



It appears as though Microsoft will be releasing its SkyDrive desktop application for Windows any day now. The client has apparently been in development for several months and once unveiled, will allow all SkyDrive users to sync data across multiple devices, a la Dropbox and more prominently, the yet to be unveiled Google Drive.

Similar to Dropbox, Microsoft will also offer paid plans for people who want extra storage other than the 25GB already allotted. Plans are expected to start in the $10 range and extend up to $50 per year for up to 100GB of extra storage. Additional tweaks to the SkyDrive web version are said to be in place as well, to help advertise this new client to current customers.

Perhaps the biggest rumor and one that will affect current customers is that Microsoft is reducing free storage from 25GB down to only 7GB. This will not affect existing users, who will keep their 25GB. This means if you’re interested at all in SkyDrive and you want extended storage, it’s best to sign up now while you can before the limit is reduced. These changes are expected to be announced at The Next Web Conference on Friday, April 27th.

[via The Verge]

  • digispyeu

    “This will not affect existing users”

    WRONG, my ten year old Hotmail accounts Skydrive has been reduced to 7GB

  • anny

    You can just have to sign into and at the top there will be a banner where you can claim your free 25GB. Or in the app go to manage storage and you can do it there.

  • digispyeu

    Nice one, I’ve upgrade both my accounts now while I can