Windows Phone Wallpaper Site Lets You Scan Images Directly To Your Phone

If you’re the proud owner of a new Lumia 900, you’ve undoubtedly been looking for great wallpapers to customize your lock screen. There are a few neat ones scattered across the web, but one particular site makes it easy to snag wallpapers by providing each with a unique Bing vision code that you can scan directly from your computer monitor. WP Wallpaper offers a huge collection of wallpapers specifically designed to be used on a Windows Phone.

The image will then open in Internet Explorer on your phone and from there, all you need to do is long press the image to save it and use it as a wallpaper later. I spent some time browsing through the various wallpapers available and there are literally tons. Plus, if you have a wallpaper you’ve made and want to add it to the collection, there’s a submit feature. Definitely check out WP Wallpaper and let us know your favorites!

Thanks /r/windowsphone!