Facebook for Windows Phone v2.5 on the Horizon

The Facebook app for Windows Phone has been lackluster for some time, but it appears as though the development team has been listening to the feedback it has gotten over the past few months and is ready to implement some popular changes into the newest iteration of the app. So what’s on the horizon? Good stuff, my friend:

  • Threaded messaging – Full Facebook threaded messaging including group messaging, all in a beautiful Metro style design.
  • Tagging – Now you can tag friends and locations in your posts in the ‘with’ and ‘at’ format.
  • Delete posts and comments – Use the tap and hold context menu to delete posts and comments from your wall.
  • Active links in posts – Tap on links in posts to go directly to the content.
  • Updates to the photo comments and likes page – The photo comments and likes page has been updated to match the posts comments and likes page. You can see a hint of the image at the top of the page, pull down and you can see the whole thing.
  • And finally, by popular demand…you can now ‘like’ comments!
Some of those features seem like no brainers to me, but it’ll be nice to have these on the rare occasion that I decide I need to check something from Facebook on my phone. For those of you that practically live on it, this must seem like a godsend. There’s no official release date, but the team did say that they’re running through final rounds of testing before sharing it with the world, so barring any major bugs, expect it in your Marketplace soon.

[via Facebook]

  • It couldn’t have come sooner. Everyone I know with a WP7 device hates the facebook integration. They will be stoked to get a new app for it.