Fruit Ninja Price Slashed to .99 Cents

Last week six Xbox LIVE titles got their prices slashed permanently down to just .99 cents. Now Fruit Ninja is joining in on the party of titles shedding their $2.99 price tag. The game has not been updated in quite a while and as such doesn’t support the fast app switching that Mango brought. However, it’s nice that the game is now the same price as it is on other platforms, as those who are converting to the Lumia 900 are probably wondering why games on Windows Phones are much more expensive and lack basic features.

That being said, two other HalfBrick Studios titles that haven’t made the jump to Windows Phone yet include Age of Zombies and Jetpack Joyride, which is still an iPhone exclusive. We’re not entirely sure whether or not the studio has abandoned Windows Phone, but here’s to hoping they’ve still got games up their sleeve.


  • HalfBrick makes some awesome games. Everyone needs to jump on these asap. You won’t regret the purchases.