Joe’s 5 Favorite Windows Phone Games

I’m not much of a gamer, but I do occasionally pick up my phone and kill some time with a game. I like the simple arcade style games that don’t take too much to learn. Games like Angry Birds always hook me in for hours. If you’re a simple gamer like me, or even a serious gamer, here are my 5 favorite Windows Phone games.

1. Square Off

This is the only game on the list that I have purchased. I beat the game on the free trial and then decided it was worthy enough to get rid of the ads. Square Off is a really addictive shooter. You play as an creature who is trying to save the planet from a race of alien blobs. There are many weapons to choose from, a bunch of power ups, and enough levels to make the game challenging.

Free, $1.49

2. Paradox Exit

Paradox Exit is the most recent game from popular developer Elbert Perez. It’s a very unique game. You play as an astronaut who is trying to get home by finding “paradox exits.” But before you can find the exits you need to collect stars, and avoid alien attackers.


3. Flow

This game looks almost ridiulously easy when you first open the app, but don’t be fooled. This can be one of the most challenging games you’ll ever play. The idea is to draw lines to connect matching colors, but the tricky part is that your lines have to use up the entire board.


4. Kung Fu FIGHT!

KFF is an 8-bit side scrolling game. Your character is constantly running from left to right across the screen, it is your job to jump, punch, or slide your way past enemies to get to the end of the level. The simplicity of the game makes it extremely addictive. I found out just how addictive it is while sitting in an airport for an hour.

Free, $1.29

5. Trine’s Hangman

Of all the games on this list I might use this one the most. Any time I’m waiting in line with someone I whip out Trine’s Hangman. The selling point for me was local 2-player mode, but everything else about the game is top notch too.

Free, $.99


  • I always wonder, why do so many lists miss Tentacles? Unawareness or what?

  • Joe

    I’ve played Tentacles before, but I wasn’t convinced to buy the full version.