White Lumia 900 Now Listed as Temporarily Out of Stock

While the black and cyan versions of the Lumia 900 have had a couple weeks to sell, the white Lumia 900 was released only two days ago and is now listed as temporarily out of stock on the AT&T website. Sales numbers for the Lumia 900 continue to be strong in all three colors, so the launch of a magenta device in May to coincide with Mother’s Day could be a great thing after all.

When asked when more devices would be available in cyan and white, Nokia had this to say:

We are building and shipping devices constantly – so stores are receiving more units to fulfill demand on a regular basis.

With the exclusivity period for AT&T ending in just a few weeks, it seems Nokia will really have to ramp up production in order to meet world wide demand if the demand in the US and Canada are any indication.


  • Glad to hear that they are selling well. I think the white one looks stellar. I’d definitely consider it if I was looking at these.