Baconit 2.0 now available, plenty of new features included

If you follow this site you know that we profess our love for Baconit on a regular basis, and with the release of version 2.0 we have yet another chance to love on the best Reddit app. With version 2.0 much of the app has been rewritten. This improves the speed and reliability of an already rock solid app. Also new in 2.0 is Recent Tiles, full comment mode, .gif support in the image viewer, new live tile UIs, and much more. And when we say “much more” we really mean it. The changelog for version 2.0 is over 320 words long. Baconit is free in the Marketplace.

  • Gotta love a dev that just keeps rollingout the updates to improve an already great app.

  • Quinn has done an excellent job with baconit. I expect the updates to come less frequent now that its reached 2.0 but its just about perfect.