Microsoft Creates Chart to Show Why SkyDrive is the Best Cloud Storage Solution

Yesterday was a big day for the future of cloud storage solutions, as Google Drive launched. This brings millions of Google Docs users the ability to sync their documents across multiple devices and share folders with friends and colleagues, but Microsoft wants you to know that SkyDrive does that and does it best. Of course a chart from certain company is going to feature a slant toward them, but lets be honest here, Microsoft isn’t exactly having to dig hard here.

Aside from offering more free space and better premium pricing plans, Microsoft points out that documents saved to SkyDrive can be opened in Office Web with no conversions or formatting problems. That’s definitely a big plus since most offices and businesses use the desktop version of Office for their work.

If you’re a current Dropbox or SkyDrive user, will you be switching to Google Drive? Let us know in the comments.

[via Neowin]

  • It wont change how I use it… I will continue to use Google Drive as a document and note place. There are a few other docs that I may sync with it but I will likely just convert them to Google’s format instead of uploading as is.

  • I wish I could read that chart.