Microsoft makes changes to Zune, adds Marketplace restrictions

Microsoft has announced a couple changes to the Windows Phone marketplace on their official blog today. The first change is the removal of the Marketplace from the Zune desktop software. Microsoft says that the majority of users download apps with the mobile and web Marketplace, so they are removing it from Zune. Zune will still be used to download OS updates, sync files between your PC and phone, and of course play music.

The second change is the Marketplace will now require Windows Phone 7.5 in order to download apps. Mango is available to every single Windows Phone device on the market right now, so if anyone is still stubbornly on NoDo or earlier this will be a good kick in the pants. Users on outdated versions of the OS will be allowed to view the Marketplace, but a message will popup if they try to download anything. Get with it people!

[WinSource Forums via Windows Phone Blog]

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