Rumor: Huawei working on Windows 8 phones and tablets

Most of the major hardware manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, LG, etc.) have made Windows Phone devices, and smaller handset makers like ZTE have started to join the ranks as well. A recent rumor points to Huawei as being the next handset maker to jump in the Windows pool. The rumor states that Huawei has put together a team of around 70 people to focus on an Apollo smartphone, and a Windows 8 tablet with LTE. Huawei has another team in the US that is working with Microsoft to coordinate their efforts.

The rumor doesn’t have much on details other than the phone will have a 4″+ screen. Seeing Huawei’s latest Android devices has us salivating at the thought of something running Windows with the Huawei logo on the back. Let’s hope this rumor is true.

[The Verge via WPDang]

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