WinSource Interview: Applyf, creators of PrimeTube (YouTube)

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One of the apps that is notably missing from the Marketplace is an official YouTube app. That’s where the guys at Applyf come in. They have created a great YouTube app called PrimeTube. We really love the app, and we’ve mentioned it numerous times on the site. The Applyf team was kind enough to answer some questions for us and even give us a peak into version 2.0 of the app.


How many people make up the Applyf Team?

Applyf is made up of myself, Santhosh Sivajothi and my good friend Selva Selvaraj. A little background about ourselves:

Santhosh: I am a PhD student at the University of Miami, completing my research in Stem Cell Biology.

Selva: I completed my MBA at University of Miami after a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Currently, I am a Senior Financial Analyst with the University of Miami.

Selva and I are friends. We met here in Miami and have known each other for four years now.  Selva has worked in the IT industry for 2 years before his management degree and is proficient in C# coding and knows the Windows development environment well. He handles back-end coding and development for PrimeTube.

I handle the design and user experience and also customer/media relations. I am basically a biologist and before starting PrimeTube, I knew next to nothing about xaml or code. I do a lot of photography work as a hobby, so I think that’s what drew me toward design.

What devices do you use?

We were fans of Windows Phone even before it was released. We were really drawn toward the integrated nature of the OS and the beautiful Metro design. I have an LG Quantum and Selva has a Samsung Focus, both of which we bought at WP7 launch. We also have a Lumia 800 (which we won) for additional testing purposes.

Do you plan on bringing PrimeTube to Windows 8?

Yes, we definitely have plans to port PrimeTube over to Windows 8. We are really excited about it, as it opens up many ideas which are not possible on a phone, mainly due to limitations of screen size. We want to do something which is really out there in terms of design and functionality and not be a run of the mill video player. We have some exciting ideas, but it is still in very early stages of development.

What do you have planned for version 2.0 of Prime Tube?

We are currently in the final testing phase of version 2, which will be a big update. We have several fixes and performance improvements in this update. Apart from those improvements, we are bringing:

  • In-app player with ability to choose between various video quality options
  • Two new languages- German and Italian
  • Video uploads, with ability to record videos in app and upload queue management
  • Improved live tile functionality

These are the major changes you can find in the new version. There are also a host of other changes like a dedicated comments page, visual changes etc. and the entire change log will be published with the app.

Are you working on any other apps besides Prime Tube?

PrimeTube is our main focus right now. After work and school, we put in 3-4 hours of work every day and all of it is consumed by PrimeTube. After the release of version 2, we will concentrate on PrimeTube for Windows 8. However, we do have some really exciting ideas we are working on which we think will make a huge impact on the current market. We know we are being very vague, but we are still at a very early stage of conceptualization and development. But it’s something that we are very excited about and we are putting our sincerest efforts towards making that idea come to life.

Have you developed for any other platforms?

No, we have only worked in the windows dev environment. We might venture to other platforms in the future but for now we are keen to use the powerful tools provided by Microsoft to the fullest and we want to explore all possibilities with WP7 and the upcoming Windows 8 platform.

Have you considered bringing other video content to Windows Phone, such as Veoh or DailyMotion?

We considered various video sharing websites initially and decided to go with YouTube due to its popularity and reach. Right now we are focused on making the best possible YouTube client. If there is demand for other clients, we might consider doing them at a later date, provided they have open APIs.

DEV NOTE: We have had over 15,000 downloads with nearly 300 reviews worldwide in the span of 6 weeks. We want to thank all our users for using our app, error reporting and providing invaluable feedback. We hope as PrimeTube continues to improve, that you will pass on the word to others who might not have heard about PrimeTube so that they too can get in on the action! We receive a lot of emails every day and as promised, we provide a personal response to each one as soon as we can. We encourage people to write to us with their feedback and suggestions; we love hearing from you and it helps make PrimeTube a better experience for everyone. We look for reviews everyday and each review we read encourages us to do a better job with our apps and there is no greater satisfaction than hearing that someone enjoys using something we created.


Thanks guys! PrimeTube is one of our favorite apps, and we think you would like it too. You can find PrimeTube for free in the Marketplace here, and follow Applyf on Twitter for updates.

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