Down goes the Windows Phone Web Marketplace [Edit]

Oops. Looks like Microsoft has a little glitch on their hands. Heading to the web version of the Windows Phone Marketplace will greet you with the apology you see above. Microsoft has been running into some problems with the Marketplace recently. If you recall this weekend the phone Marketplace was down, and now the web Marketplace has joined in. The funny thing is that after MS removed the Marketplace functionality from Zune there is no way to access the Marketplace on your computer right now.

EDIT: It appears to be coming back in spots. Tread lightly.

[via WPCentral]

  • I still don’t get the reasoning behind pulling the market from Zune. If they had another product ready right now that they want people transitioning to, great. But just pulling a way to get to it ahead of time seems unneccessary.