HTC Titan II 16MP Sample Photos & 720p Video

We’ve got the HTC Titan II in the house, and we’re taking it through the paces. The first thing we wanted to test is the big 16MP camera. The camera performs great in well lit environments as you can see below. Low light situations are expectedly worse. It’s easy to make out what’s in the photograph, but you won’t get the same crispness as a well lit picture.

Video is recoreded in 720p (though that’s not the default setting). Same goes for the video as the camera, well lit environments look great on video. Focusing can be a little slow as seen at the end of the first video. In low light environments the video is very grainy and doesn’t seem to focus. We’ll have much more on the Titan II’s camera in our full review.





Low Light with Flash

Low light with Flash

Outdoors video

Low Light video with flash on

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