Microsoft Will Unveil New Cross Platform Zune Successor at E3

Yesterday Microsoft removed the ability to buy apps for the Windows Phone platform directly from its Zune Software, leading some to speculate that the service is dead. Another nail in the coffin of this iteration of Zune comes in the form of a rumor that says Microsoft will unveil a new cross platform service to replace Zune at E3 this year.

The new service is codenamed Woodstock and seems to be Microsoft’s attempt to put everything under the Windows or Xbox branding. Multiple platform support is planned, including Windows 8, Xbox, Android, and iOS. Strangely, there’s no word on what the company plans to do with Windows Phone, but we’re hoping that branding would fall under the Windows 8 category.

The Verge is reporting that the new service will see very deep Facebook integration, which is highly likely considering Microsoft just recently purchased patents from AOL that it then gave to Facebook. This integration will allow friends to build group playlists and share music among themselves. No pricing details for the service have arisen yet, but we’ll definitely keep you updated as E3 draws closer.


  • I love the Zune player, so I hope they don’t stray too terribly far away from that formula. It’s been my main music player for years now.