Pandora changes API again, update to Radio Controlled submitted to Marketplace

Since Pandora doesn’t have an official app for Windows Phone we have to rely on apps like Radio Controlled and MetroRadio. These apps access Pandora with undocumented APIs that give outside access to developers (read more about it in our interview with Radio Controlled developer Greg Wenograd). Pandora has once again changed the APIs and developers are scrambling to update their apps. Greg Wenograd has already sent an update for Radio Controlled in for Marketplac approval.

We don’t know if Pandora is doing this on purpose, but if they are it’s a big jerk move. Regardless, we love seeing devs fix their apps so quickly and we hope the updates move quickly through the approval process.

[via Twitter]

  • I doubt they would piss off people getting others onto their service on purpose. They just seem kinda dumb in how they develop their site/apps. That has always kinda been my opinion of them though.

  • wenogg

    This update coincided with an update for their native apps and a version change of the service. They did make it harder to connect to the service, but who knows if it is intentional or not. There was a hiccup in the submission process, but the update is working and should be coming out very soon. It’s times like these that make me hesitant to release a paid version.

  • If the MetroRadio Pro reviews are any indication, it’s probably not wise. People are slaughtering the app with 1 star reviews because they don’t know why the app they just paid $2 for doesn’t work.

  • I remember the same thing happening when I was on the PalmPre and my app for it went dead for weeks. I stopped using the service completely as of then.

  • wenogg

    Radio Controlled is free and it’s also getting slaughtered with 1 star reviews :) Bad reviews suck, but it’s not the end of the world. As a customer I would be upset as well if I pad for something and it stopped working, which is the main reason I haven’t put out a paid version.