This Instagram for Windows Phone concept looks pretty good

We love mock-ups. They very rarely ever come true, but they let us imagine what could be. An artist on Dribbble has created a mock-up for what Instagram might look like if it came to Windows Phone and followed the Metro look. We have to admit that this design is good enough to make us want to use Instagram. It has four pages to swipe between, What’s New, Popular, Following, and Notifications. The only thing missing is what the Filters page might look like.

Would you use Instagram if it came to Windows Phone?

[via Reddit]

  • I do use instagram on my iPhone 4 just for the social aspect. The filters dont really interest me. I got turned onto EyeEm for windowsphone which is similar to Instagram. has some filters and posts to FB, Twitter, Tumblr etc. At this point I just want Instagram on WP so its one less big app people can point to and say “you dont have it”

  • That’s how I feel about it too. WP just needs some of those big apps so that people will shut up about them NOT having things that they do (whether they use them or not).

  • Kayley

    I would definitely use Instagram if it came to Windows Phone! I feel so out of it because everyone has all these apps while I don’t… I love my Windows phone but I really want those apps too.

  • Thanks :)

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! Please add it! I have 2 phones the other is a android. I’d be thrilled if i could instagram from both phones!

  • i know right! :-/

  • lol i feel you! i guess im gonna check out the app u have eyeem… i know its not as good as instagram tho! like who has the windows phones anyways lol!

  • Shani griffin

    yesss i wpuld use it. it looks cold and it will make windows look better than anyother phone type.

  • Desiree

    I would definitely use Instagram, just because all of my friends have it and i feel left out.. My WP is a great phone, it just doesnt have ANY good Apps..

  • Haley

    Can they PLEASE make Instagram for Windows Phone? It’d be so much easier and better. Especially if you switched from an iPhone to a Windows Phone. EyeEm is really nice as well, but Instagram is what people mostly use nowadays. It’d be really nice for Instagram to be available for Windows users. Many people want it.

  • Haley

    I wish they had it. :/

  • Haley


  • jade

    YES!!!I would use instagram for windows phone everyday!!!!!!!

  • lll



    YES I would i had it on my andriod its to fun and they need to hurry up and make this app and temple run cause without those apps this phone sucks, the only reason y i got it cause no one really didnt have a windows phoe but i miss my andriod but i love this phone at the same time !

  • Jermishaebfhrgf

    If you use it oin your iphone 4 wth are you telling us ?

  • john

    Im dying for it

  • Kanickers

    im waiting for it, i miss instagram

  • Blaze

    Hell yeah i would definitely use it for this is all that it is lacking in windows phones is for I would be the first to download it the instant it hits the apps downloads. Seriously this would look perfect on the windows phone interface, but true will the filters be as good as the ones on the Android phones

  • Blaze

    i would most definitely use this and you should be a partner with instagram in developing the app for windows phone because this mock up looks incredibly flawless. im missing in action because windows phone doesn’t carry the app and i have a windows phone 7. hopefully the new windows phone 8 would carry it when it comes out.

  • This is one app I really miss when I came over to WinPhone..

  • ochoasyd


  • Danielle

    yesss!! i will!!!

  • jennK

    Yes I would totally use it! I was this close to returning my windows phone, simply because of the lack of apps… I kept it, but come on… catch up!!

  • hnonny one

    i feel you ;(