White Lumia 900 Experiencing Screen Problems on Low Brightness?

That new white Lumia 900 may look pretty snazzy, but you may be in for a few screen problems on low brightness settings, according to redditor TreeFittyZ. He describes a situation in which his wife returns her cyan Lumia for a white one, only to discover that the new white phone has a purple hue when the phone is set to low brightness. Upon discovering this, the phone was taken to AT&T and replaced, only for the replacement to have the same problem.

Compared next to his black Lumia 900, you can clearly see the purple tint problem. The redditor reports that medium and high brightness look the same and only the low brightness seems to be affected. Nokia seems to be investigating the problem, as this tweet shows:

@TreeFittyZ Hi, we are investigating the problem, as other users as stated the same change in hue using Auto and Low after update. ^JT

Is this a widespread problem for white Lumia 900 owners? Is it something you’ve noticed yourself? Let us know in the comments.


  • it just seems more and more little things are adding up with the 900. it feels like they rushed it out and its starting to show. which is unfortunate because i really want the white one, but i’m going to wait another couple of weeks to see if anything else shows up.

  • Anirask

    I’ve had this issue on my original Black unit in Canada and in the replacement they sent me.

    Slight change on the replacement, the chrome plate on the back says Nokia and Carl Zeiss now, the previous one just said Carl Zeiss and the stats of the lens.

  • Interesting, I have the same black unit that you’re describing before you traded it in and it doesn’t seem to have any problems. I wonder if the others have the same branding on the chrome plate on the back.

  • TadW

    I did not have this issue with the first black Lumia 900 I received, but did with the replacement black one. Sent the replacement back, then will wait for a replacement for the replacement…

  • JD

    I have the same problem… Lumia 900 on Rogers

  • Stephen

    Same issue, 900 on Rogers in Canada!

  • Same issue, Lumia 900 on ATT. I’ve already gone through 3 with the same problem :/

  • I’m on my fourth Lumia 900. It has the problem as well.

  • Is it specific to the white Lumia, or is the black/cyan version experiencing it as well?

  • Any color

  • Kein Bing Gan

    Doesn’t look good. Exactly the same symptoms as the N8 purple tint problem and is due to defective amoled screen. See this link.