If you could have Windows Phone on any handset what would it be?

Today we are going to put those imaginations to good use. We’ve got a pretty nice variety of hardware to choose from when it comes to Windows Phone devices. We have large screen, small screens, keyboards, portrait sliders, and even slide out speakers. But sometimes a phone on another platform catches your eye, like the Lumia 900 did for a lot of Android and iPhone users.

Let’s say you had the power to put the Windows Phone OS on any phone on the market today. What would you choose? You can see in my image above I would put Windows Phone on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I like the curved high resolution display, large screen, and software buttons. Let us know what you would choose in a comment below!

  • I’ll be honest, if I could merge my widowsphone OS onto my iPhone 4 i would. the phone just looks and feels nice. the only drawback is the screen size. its too small. HTC, Samsung etc, all the phones look the same. thats what I like about nokia, they just look different.

  • The build quality of the Lumia 900 is extremely excellent. It’s one of the best things about the phone.

  • I am totally with you on the Galaxy Nexus. It’s a bit large for my tastes, but man is that a beautiful device and it feels so so good in the hands.

  • I would put it on an iPhone 4 or one of those chinese knock-offs like the Gooapple! :)

  • HTC HD2 like size Lumia 900 with no faulty vibration bug

  • HydroF

    I would choose galaxy nexus also, that is the best looking and most comfortable to hold phone out there.

  • HTC one line for the win