Would You Use This Windows 8 Concept Device?

With Apollo speculated to be less than six months away, it’s always entertaining to imagine what the next generation of Windows Phone will look and feel like. The above picture is artist Yanko Andreev’s idea of what we could see come October.

The specs of the phone as he has designed it is a massive 5″ display with a resolution of 1200 x 800. I’m not sure a battery could be designed that is both practical and as thin as pictured, but I suppose technology is creeping up on us.

Andreev also mentions a few style changes to Windows Phone, such as the ability to customize your lock screen and choose the position of the clock and which notifications are shown, along with third party notifications. He also mentions a drop down settings bar similar to what you’ll find on Samsung Android phones for managing various settings of the phone, which I admit would be nice.

So, if this were the next hot Windows Phone, would you use it?

[via 1800PocketPC]

  • Ive seen this pic before and I like it. 5 may be too big, but i really dig the landscape mode. I hope someone at MS see’s that and makes it happen.

  • Oh yeah, now that is an eye catching device! If I saw that in a store, I would make a beeline to it. Hopefully it’s not too conceptual and gets brought to life in the real world.

  • yes.