AT&T Ramping Up Advertising for the Lumia 900

If you’ve watched even just an hour of TV in the past month, chances are you’ve seen a commercial for the Lumia 900. Despite this global mass advertising, AT&T feels as though the Lumia 900 needs more front and center attention and it’s making sure the device gets the attention it commands. Nearly all outlets across the United States are back in stock for the three released colors and we’re expecting the announcement of a magenta version any day now.

According to one WPCentral reader, the new advertising efforts have already begun.

“The Lumia 900 has taken over 42nd St – Grand Central station (NYC). They have lots of ADs, from the “S” shuttle passageway to the 4,5,6 side.  Unfortunately I did not take pictures.”

Hopefully this extra exposure will do wonders for the Lumia 900, but no amount of advertising dollars can buy the sort of hype compared to Steve Wozniak saying he prefers the device over iOS or Android.


  • Good to se them continuing to advertise for it. I was afraid they would do a launch window ad campaign and then let it fall off.