Contest Winner: Lumia 900 Week 4 Announcement!

It was inevitable. With over 1,000 forum posts in the last 4 weeks it was clear that one certain forum member was in this to win it. Our random number generator has not been kind to techblitz the last three weeks, despite his large advantage, but at long last he has won! Congratulations, and thank you for making our first ever contest a big hit!

We want to thank everyone for participating in our “4 Lumia 900s in 4 Weeks” contest! We had a blast talking to all of you in the forums, and we really hope you stick around and continue growing the community with us.

We will now be looking to appoint a few moderators to help us control the forums. be sure to let us know if you are interested.

IMPORTANT: We still have to choose 10 Most Valuable Posters from the forum to recieve $50 Amazon Gift Cards! Stay tuned!

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