New Unofficial PayPal App Lets You Check Your Balance & Transactions

One of my biggest pet peeves when moving from Android to Windows Phone was the lack of an official PayPal app. I’ve contacted PayPal for more information on when they would be willing to develop an app for the Windows Phone ecosystem, but until then we’ll have to make do with a new app available from a third party.

The app is called PayPhone from YellowStar and it accesses your PayPal information through OAuth, which means it is encrypted and safe. No information is ever stored by the developer and you’ll have to grant permission through the app, so you don’t have to worry about your information being stolen.

The app is pretty well designed despite being a third party app, with the ability to set up a live tile with information about my account, as well as a PIN number to keep prying eyes out of the app should I lend my phone to someone. Other features include:

  • See your current PayPal balance
  • View your recent transactions – 6 months for the free version, and 12 months when purchased
  • All data securely encrypted
  • LiveTile displays you balance, and any changes, on the phone main screen.
  • View detailed information about each transaction
  • PIN/Password protected access to the application
  • Filter your recent transaction by date, and type

If you’re interested in checking out, you can use the free trial which is supported by ads and doesn’t include live tile access, or you can purchase the app to remove the ads for $0.99. The app is definitely worth the asking price.

  • Very nice! Good to see some awesome dev’s filling in gaps for WP7 users. :)