Watch: Gun Bros for Windows Phone Trailer

To follow the announcement of Contract Killer Glu Mobile has announced that Gun Bros will also be coming to Windows Phone as an Xbox Live title. Gun Bros is a popular game on other platforms. It’s an overhead shooter, and you control two brothers that have guns. Now do you understand the name?

Gun Bros is a game full of  action and adventure. Some features include:

  • Form your own Brotherhood: Add your Game Center friends to form your brotherhood- your brothers will help protect you and destroy the T.O.OL enemies. Every time a friend uses your Brother, you gain valuable experience to help your progress, even if you’re not currently in the game!
  • Non-stop 3D Action shooter: The waves of T.O.O.L enemies just keep on coming and you and your brother need to have some serious out-of-this-world shooting skills to take those repugnant space bullies down!
  • The Bros like Big Guns: Tons of insanely powerful Guns, Armor and other explosive power-ups to get your hands on in the F.R.A.G.G.E.D Armory.

Expect the game to drop around the same time as Contract Killer in May.

[via WPCentral]