BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Unit Makes Appearance, Looks Strangely Familiar..

What you see above is BlackBerry’s released design for their beleaguered BlackBerry 10 mobile OS. The key feature missing from the device seems to be a QWERTY keyboard sporting a click wheel, but maybe BlackBerry got the hint and kicked the smartphone design from pre-2007 from the curb.

Just looking at the image above it looks like the company is taking queues from both Apple and Nokia in design sense and while there’s no real preview of BlackBerry 10 available just yet, if the font used in the image above is anything to take into consideration, the new BlackBerry could be taking more than a few hints from Metro design. If live tiles make an appearance, I definitely won’t be surprised.

[via Engadget]

  • DebraPMeredith
  • It seems like they are content to slide into forth (and beyond) by badly copying their competitors instead of doing something new/creative. Sad to see from a once great device maker.