Samsung’s Windows Phone 8 device will be a Galaxy S3 variant

While the Android world is buzzing about the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) we are waiting for Windows Phone 8. Several manufacturers, including HTC and Samsung, have said they are waiting for WP8 before they produce any more devices. We’ve seen manufacturers reuse phones for different carriers and OS’ before, so it’s possible that next gen Windows Phone devices are already under our noses.

Recent rumors suggest that the Galaxy S3 will be Samsung’s WP8 device. The rumor says the device is being referred to as the Focus S2. Rumored specs include a 4.7″ HD screen, dual or quad core processor, LTE, 12MP camera, 2MP front-facing camera, S-Cloud support, and NFC. The Galaxy S3 is expected to be announced on May 3rd, perhaps Windows Phone fans should watch to see what’s in our future.

[via Tech & Biz]

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