Sesame Street brings 3 educational apps to Windows Phone

If you’re a parent you’re probably used to your kids grabbing for your smartphone to play games. Kids seem to really drawn to interactive devices like smartphones. So when your kid does want to play with your phone you better have some good child-friendly apps for them.

Sesame Street, the timeless childrens program, has brought 3 apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace. The games are called  “Abby in Wonderland,” “Big Block Party” and “Color Carnival.” The games are designed to help pre-school kids learn to read, recognize colors, and solve problems. To help the kids the apps have text highlights and read-along text. All three apps cost $1.99 in the Marketplace. Grab them below and share with your kids!

Abby in Wonderland

Big Block Party

Color Carnival

[via WMPU]

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