Would You Use These Proof of Concepts From a Nokia Engineer?

What you see in the picture above is a proof of concept design that @JustinAngel, a principal engineer for Nokia has been working on in his spare time. The design reminds me of one of those Android-powered sports watches that can connect with your phone to display your emails and messages while you’re running.

Would you use something like this if it were available on Windows Phone? Alternatively, they could be small but bulky enough to sit on top of your desk in your office to remind you of the contents of your phone. Pretty neat, I’d say.

[via Twitter]

  • DebraPMeredith
  • If it were for a phone or a desktop widget sorta thing, I could see me getting it if the price were right. Otherwise, no. I’d rather interact with the actual phone in most cases.

  • I’d definitely be interested in a Windows Phone watch, especially when they have perfect squares to fit on the screen. I believe there was a Zune prototype like this that was never released