Microsoft Dropping “Live” Branding for Cloud Services to Just Microsoft Account

The Windows Live branding has encompassed a wide variety of services and software since its inception in 2005, but as we march closer to the release of Windows 8, Microsoft seems to want to follow the golden design rule of KISS (Keep it simple, stupid.). The company is dropping the Live branding it borrowed from its Xbox division and the service will simply be known as a Microsoft account from now on.

In addition, current desktop apps such as Windows Live Calendar, Contacts, and MSN Messenger will receive new names that follow more closely to the Windows Phone counterparts of Calendar, People, and Messaging.

This is a good move in the proper direction for unifying all of its services, but I’m curious whether or not Microsoft will keep the Live branding on its Xbox products which have become more of a home entertainment platform than simply a gaming console.


  • So what does this do for people with @live email accounts. will it eventually change to some sort of offshoot of

  • Good move. I like that they are moving towards a much more consistent branding instead of being a huge, spread out, different thing in every area they have an interest in.